Thursday, 18 April 2013

Soap and Glory!

So most people have heard or tried Soap and Glory and before December last year I hadn't tried it.
However during the Christmas period in Boots they did a bargain of an offer 9 products for £27 which was called Soap and Glory Best of All set. For me this was a perfect way to try the products which I had heard so much about. I've pretty much tried out all the products in this set and I can say I don't know why I didn't buy S&G beforehand!
They have such a great range and the products I have tried smell lush! I'm slightly addicted now and have a few S&G products on my wishlist that I'd love to try.

From what I've tried so far these are my favourite products.

Clean on Me - Shower Gel
This smells so nice when applied and you only need to use a little and it goes along way. I've still got this product in my bathroom and has lasted along while compared to other shower gels. I would definitely buy it again!

Sugar Crush - Body Scrub
I don't normal use body scrubs but I gave this a go and I have to say this is great. It has a sandy/sugary texture and smells great! When rinsing off it leaves your skin feeling soft. I don't use it every time I have a shower but I use it a couple of times a week and makes my skin feel great.

Peach Clean - Deep Cleanser Milk
I've tried different facial cleanser before and never had one that smelt fruity like this. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft after using this product.

- Paintingnail (Lauren)

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