Saturday, 5 October 2013

Competitions Wins #2

I've been quite lucky last month with winning competition, especially blog competitions. Entering competition has become a hobby of mine and I've been doing it now for about a year. I'm very grateful for all the items I have won.

I've noticed a few bloggers posting about their wins and I always love to read posts like that so thought I would join in. In no way am I bragging about my wins as I've said before I'm very grateful and appreciate what I receive. So here are some of my recent wins, mostly blog wins.

From Katie @

From Bex @

From Ashley @

From MissLJBeauty @

From LaaLaa Moneoe @

From Amy @

From Jo @

From Rebecca @

I would definitely recommend entering competitions if you don't already as they can be very rewarding.

What have you won recently?


  1. Oh my goodness! You must have such good luck!!! That's a load of competitions. I think I've won 3 things in several months. You must spill your secrets, lol!

    1. A lot of dedication but mainly luck! x