Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Recent Clothing Haul

Now I say recent clothing haul but I bought these items over two weeks ago, however I have only just got around to posting about it. December has been rather hectic and blogging has taken a back seat.
Anyway on my "recent" shopping trip I went with the intentions of buying Christmas presents however I also bought a few clothing items. Some being Christmas related as you will see.

So first off I went into Primark now it's been awhile since I've been to Primark so I thought that I would make the most of it.

I first saw everyone crowding around the Christmas jumpers and at first I wasn't going to buy one but then I saw this one and loved it! It's pretty simple compared to some of them but I love the candy cane love heart and that it has polka dots all over. I'm very impressed with how cosy and comfortable it is! Not to mention it's pretty thick and keeps me warm. I've already worn it a couple of times and I think this may even make an appearance on Christmas day!

Keeping with the Christmas theme I also bought some pyjama bottom which have a deer and Christmassy print on them. I always seem to buy some kind of nightwear when I go in Primark as they have such an amazing choice! The added bonus is these pyjama bottom also have pockets which are really handy.

I also bought some new slipper and also some slipper socks as I hate my feet being cold, especially when trying to get to sleep at night! I must have loads of slippers but I love to change them up every now and again. I loved this pair and thought they went well with the pyjamas I bought above. I also like to put slipper socks on when wearing boots to keep my feet warm in the winter.

Now I love Primark's jewellery at the moment they have lots of statement necklaces and when I saw this one I had to buy it. It's pretty heavy and I love the dangling spikes that hang down. I've worn it a couple of times and it looks great with a plain top, really helps to jazz it up!

The last thing I bought from Primark was this baby pink jumper. Now I love wearing jumpers in the A/W when it's cold, and you just want to be nice and warm but still look good. I only really have darker colours in my wardrobe so when I saw this I thought it was something a bit different to what I buy. They also have several other colours, I did also have my eye on the mint green and lilac jumper. I also like the small zip detailing on the back of the jumper.

I then went into Topshop, as I told you in my make-up haul. I felt like treating myself as I don't normally shop in there so I saw this tunic/dress and thought I would buy it. I love stripes and have some kind of obsession, don't know why. When I looked at it I thought it looked pretty big but just thought that was how it was meant to look. When I got it home I realised I get a size too big. I was a bit disappointed but it wasn't too bad as I could wear it as a baggy dress/tunic with some legging or tights and then layer it with a cardigan. It's pretty thick material and is keeps me nice and warm. At first I thought I wouldn't wear it because it looks stupid on me but it's starting to grow on me. This dress/tunic also has a small zip detailing at the back.

So that is all I bought and now I will be saving my money for the Christmas sales. Hopefully I will find some bargains! So I'm sure that there will be another haul pretty soon.

What have you bought recently and what are you hoping to buy in the sales?


  1. Love the look of those slippers. They look so cosy. Slippers are so lovely to buy around this time.


  2. I love those skippers, I might have to pop in and get a pair soon. Danielle xx