Sunday, 19 January 2014


Now I've been thinking about doing a post about this for a while. I love my pets as they make me happy and are also entertaining. Therefore I thought I'd do a post and share them with you! If you follow my Instagram you would have seen a few pictures of some of my pets.
Now when I say my pets I mean me and my families pets, all together we have five pets, well six if you count our cat that comes back every now and again for food.

So lets start with the Cat/Kittens

Freddy is around 4 years now and he's so cute and friendly. He never goes very far for long and likes to sit on the window sill and look inside while we are cooking or in the dining room.

Freddy looking in the kitchen!

We then have our newest additions to the family two kittens named Cookie and Mia. They are so adorable but at the same time little rascals! Don't be fooled by their cute faces. They are around 4 months old. I can tell them apart as Cookie is the one with white under her chin/face, whereas Mia has a black/brownish face.

Cookie when she was younger. (Couple of months ago)
Recent picture of Cookie and Mia ( Couple of weeks ago)

Mia - Such a poser (A month or so ago)

Then moving onto the other pets and that is the Dog and Tortoise!

I have a dog named Willow who is a mix of Jack Russel and chihuahua. She is mad as a hatter and will be two in February. I don't have many photos of her as most of them are blurry as she just doesn't stay still for long.

Willow about a year ago.

Last but not least is Spidey the Tortoise, now this is more my mums pet as she has always wanted one and got one for her birthday last year. Spidey is amazing to watch as he (guessing it's as he, we don't know!) moves about. He's very nosey and while we were putting our Christmas decoration up last year he decided to have a little look. At the moment he's going through a phase of trying to get out and move his house around.

This was when we just got him, he has grown since. 

So that is all my pets! Hope you have enjoyed this post and looking at all the pictures.

How many pets have you got?


  1. Oh my gosh I love them! Freddie is just checking your cooking your dinner right lol
    How sweet are the kittens
    Willow is soooooo cute I want to cuddle
    Ooo spidery is so cool my dad had one when he was little and gos on about him a lot

    Loved this post xxx

    1. Thank you. He just wants to eat the food. xo

  2. I loved this post! Your pets are beautiful! I have a cat named Freddie as well, and he is a tabby too!

    1. Thank you. aww have you got a picture? xo

  3. Quite a little collection you've got there! I'm looking to get a cat soon, I've always had one at home and I miss having one about. So if you know anyone looking to rehome a kitten in the North West, let me know! :) Danielle xx

    1. I'm afraid I don't however there are so many advertising places on the internet. I'm sure you will find one. xo