Sunday, 28 April 2013

Holiday Shopping Haul #2 (New Look)

I've been online shopping again! Just can't help myself when I see items for my holiday in September. So moving on I recently did a bit of online shopping at New Look and also Next. But I'm still waiting for some items from Next so will do a separate post on that.

If you read my first Holiday shopping haul you would see I already bought a playsuit for my holiday. But when I saw this online I had to buy it. Now I'm not normally the person who buys colourful clothing and tend to stay close to darks. Although this isn't the brightest colour I thought for me it was something a bit different and out of my comfort zone (which I'm trying to break out of!)

When I tried it on I loved it! I didn't realise that it had a side splits but it looks really good. The material is really light weight and thin which is brilliant when the weather is hot. It loose and with the splits in the side helps to keep body cool. Plus I love the colour and floral pattern and fit on the body perfect. For £19.99 I thought it was a bargain and I have fallen in love with it which makes me even more excited to go on my holiday!

(I apologies in advance my mum helped take the picture and I told her just to take a picture of playsuit not my face haha)

Split at side of playsuit.

   Also bought three pairs of shorts but one of them didn't fit me right which was a shame. However the other two were alright. On my holiday I will be wearing shorts most of the time as they are easy and convenient to wear. I've got a few plain pairs but wanted some with a bit of colour/pattern. So I bought these high waisted polka dot shorts and some shorts with a stripe colourful pattern on the pocket.

Polka dot shorts £19.99 from New Look

Striped pocket shorts Were £22.99 in sale for £13.00

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