Thursday, 2 May 2013

Necklace Collection.

I've got quite a collection growing of necklaces which I buy while shopping or see online.

First of I'll show you how I store my necklaces.

I'm not really sure how I got the inspiration to use this storage idea, might have been from the Internet or TV. It a really cheap way and is useful as you can see your necklaces and easy to pick out which one to wear from day to day.

Some of my necklaces

Geek necklace - This necklace is from Accessorize they have such a great collection of necklaces. I choose this as I thought it was different and there a big trend one "Geek" items such as tops etc.

Spike necklace - Brought from New Look. These necklace are very much in trend right now. I love this necklace It's quite heavy but really bring a plain top to life when worn.

Black Chain Flower necklace - This is from Accessorize and I love it as It's different from most necklaces as the chain in black and I think the white flower pendent stand out with everything else being black. Also love the white diamantes around the edge of the pendent.

I've got many more necklaces but could be here all day!

So how does everyone else store their necklaces?

- Lauren

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  1. love this storage idea, it saves them from getting tangled!! I have a love frame with hooks and i hang my necklaces off that!! :) xx