Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Holiday Shopping

So this blogging is all new to me, so I'm slowly learning. However trying to find time to post between work and other things is proving hard.

Anyway moving on recently (well last month!) I purchases some holiday clothing from H&M.

I'm going away in September and will be my first holiday abroad. Yes you heard right my FIRST holiday abroad so I decided to search for some bikinis.

Found these beautiful bikinis. The first one is a floral design with a black lace trim. Which I think is lush.
Bikini Top £12.99 and bottoms £7.99

Next one is a bright number which will look lovely when I get a tan. It's a bright pink/coral colour. Like the other bikini this has a lace trim but isn't as noticeable as the other.
Again this is the same price as above bikini.

 I've still got loads to buy for my holiday and will try and post what I buy when I get time.
- Paintingnails (Lauren)

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