Thursday, 4 April 2013

Selexir - Peace Balm

So I recently received a email from What's in my handbag saying I was chosen to try out Selexir peace balm. I was excited as this is my first free sample from them and I've heard great things about the company.

The company What's in my handbag offer free sample, some of which are high-end brands. They have products which you can try out however you have to apply to be a tester. They select people depending on if you fit the criteria. You are matched depending on what answers you give in a small questionnaire about yourself and your skin type etc.

 Selexir - Peace  Balm (15ml) RRP £20

Anyway moving on after a couple of days of receiving the email the sample came. It's a small tube (15ml) which I think is a generous sized sample. Selexir peace balm is for extremely dry and irritated skin. Although I suffer from dry skin I wouldn't say it was extreme. However I applied it to dry areas and it did soothe the skin and make it feel soft. I would say to get a better result it would have to be used a couple of times a day. Overall it's a great product to help dry and irritated skin, however it didn't smell very nice and is a little too out of my price range. But I will continue to use the product sample as and when needed and I'm very grateful for the company sending me this sample.

Has anyone else received samples from this company if so what have you received?

- Paintingnail (Lauren)

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