Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some of my favourite perfumes

I have such an obsession with perfumes. Although my collection is only small at the moment I'm always looking to try new perfumes to add to my collection!

I thought today I would share with you some of my favourite perfumes which I have collected so far.

Marc Jacobs - Dot

I got this perfume around August last year for my birthday. First of all I love the bottle design It's so cute and unique. It has a fresh, floral and sweet smell which I love.

Vera Wang - Lovestruck

Again the bottle has a nice design ( well the lid anyway!). I very much like the floral smell in this perfume also the hint of fruit adds to the gorgeous smell. I would love to try the new Vera Wang Lovestruck floral rush and that is on my wishlist.

Juicy courture - Viva La Juicy

Before I got this at Christmas I sprayed a bit on a sample stick and wasn't sure at first whether to get it all not. Anyway after smelling it numerous times during my shopping trip I decided to go back and buy it. I'm so glad I brought it as it has become one of my favourite perfumes. It's small and doesn't have a crazy sized lid so I can carry it around in my bag. It has a very fruit smell which as you can see I love.

- Paintingnail (Lauren)


  1. I recently bought Nina by Nina Ricci instead of Marc Jacobs' Dot. You should try it because it smells really great.

    1. Will have to try it out in boots sometime. Thanks x

  2. I love the smell of Viva La Juicy! xx

  3. I have a weakness for Viva La Juicy. If I came back reincarnated as a perfume, it would be this one.
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