Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Veet EasyWax Review

I was recently selected to try, test and review Veet EasyWax by Bzzagent. Bzzagent is a website that hold different campaigns in which people are selected to try and review who fit the critera. (By doing regular suverys.) I would definitely recommend registering as they have many great opportunities. Here's the website: BzzAgent

What the Kit Contained: Plug and waxing device, Wax strips and Veet finshing wipes.

This is my review which I created for Bzzagent.

When I received my Veet waxing kit in the post I was excited but also scared as I'd never tried waxing before. So on a spare weekend I tried this product after leaving my leg hairs to grow a bit. Plugged in the device and waited... waited nearly an hour for the wax to melt properly so I could use it! For me that is too long as I was starting to get bored and impatient. Appling the wax was fine and didn't hurt as much as I thought it would taking it off. However it only removed a few hairs and I was still left with a lot of noticeable hairs on my legs. After the second attempt still the same result. It left my leg all red, but that was to be expected first time waxing so I wasn't too bothered about that as the redness soon went down. When using the finishing wipes I found them to be a bit too greasy and I had to wash my hand before applying more wax to my legs.

Overall I wouldn't buy/use this as I feel the heating time of the wax is way too long for me, and the results aren't great. I will definitely be sticking to shaving my legs in the long run, much quicker and effective!

Here are the before and after pictures.



Not really sure if the pictures are clear enough, my leg hair are quiet fine but if you look at the after picture you can see there are still many hairs left.

Although it wasn't for me I know everyones experience is different and although it didn't work for me it may work for other. So here is a discount code given to me by Bzzagent if you would like to purchase the Veet EasyWax kit on Amazon. The code is EASYWAX4  and expires 30th June, it's a great bargain as this code means you get 50% off!

Has anyone else tried Veet EasyWax?

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- Lauren xx

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