Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Poundland Purchases

So I recently went to Poundland, which I love looking in now and again as they have some great beauty and health products now and again.
I wasn't looking for anything in particular but saw a couple of items I could do with.

So these are the products I bought;

Batiste Dry Shampoo floral and fruity - Now I've never tried this before which will probably be a shocker to some people are its so popular in the blogging world. I've always been meaning to buy one when I'm out and about but never did. So I thought for a pound I can't go wrong.

Satin Care sensitive skin shave gel - I've used this product before and I love it leaves my skin feeling soft after shaving. This is the smaller version which I bought to take on holiday in a couple of month as it's the perfect size.

What have you bought recently from Poundland?

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