Saturday, 6 July 2013

Favourites in June

So this month I found it hard to decide what my favourites would be for this post. I have used many products but some I've already mentioned before in previous favourites. However after looking through the products on my shelf I have picked four items which I have reached for the most in the month of June.

The first product I have been using a lot lately, well almost everyday is GOSH trio eye shadow. As you can see I have been using the top two colours the most, creamy white and a copper colour. Which when applied gives a shimmery look, which is nice as they are plain colours and with the shimmer it gives them a bit more of an edge. I sometimes blend the two shades together which also looks nice. I don't think it will be too long before this product will be in my empties post, as I do use it a lot.

My next favourite of the month is Dove deodorant - pomegranate & lemon verbena. I really love the smell of this and it's a lot different to the other deodorants I have bought. It's not too overpowering which is great and it has a fresh, sweet smell. I also like the fact it's the compressed can as it easier to carry around and great for my holiday. I have been reaching for this everyday as well because who really wants to smell sweaty?

I'm very in to my lipstick at the moment, mainly because so many bloggers have inspired me to use lipstick and try different products out. This month I have been using my Revlon lip butter in shade Wild Watermelon a hell of a lot. We have had some really nice weather and I think this shade is perfect for the summer. Also the fact it moisturisers my lips which is an added bonus as my lips easily get dry. I definitely will be use using this product in July, along with my other lip products.

Last but not least is Rimmel London exaggerate eye liner. I have many different eye liners but I love this one the most due to it applicator. I find it so much easier to use as I'm not very good at getting both eyes to look the same, this has helped me. I have been using this mainly on my days off work and I'm slowly getting better at doing my eye liner thanks to this product. 

What are your favourites this month? Have you tried any of the products mentioned?


  1. I love revlon! I am currently using this lipstick actually in my summer makeup bag. I think it’s nice and light for summer, and so pretty. Great review xx

    1. Thank you. I know my collection is slowly growing, they have such great shades. xx