Thursday, 17 October 2013

Holiday - Corfu, Greece

Last month me and my friend went to Corfu for a fortnight. We had been looking forward to going since we booked it early on in the year. We both work together and by the time it came to going on holiday we were in much need of a holiday!

I have to say it wasn't what we expected and we wouldn't go where we stayed again, however we made the most of the holiday we had. We took a two hour bus journey to Corfu Town which was lovely and also went to the water park one day which was fun! I thought that I would share some picture of the holiday with you.

View from airplane

Corfu Town

Corfu Town #2
Greek night - Plate smashing

Greek night #2 - Belly Dancers

Greek night #3 - Greek dancers

Shopping (haha)
Night out - Sex on the beach cocktails


Pose :)

I guess when looking back at the picture we did have a good time overall. We are planning our holiday for next year, probably somewhere in Spain.

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