Tuesday, 22 October 2013

NOTD: Autumn

Haven't done a NOTD post in a while and that is because I haven't had time in between working to paint my nails. But I've got a couple of days off and really wanted to show you this nail polish I recently got, well won.

I've never really had a dark burgundy/red wine colour before and I think this shade is perfect for the A/W. I actually love the colour and can see myself wearing it through out this season. I think it's a more grown-up colour compared to what I normally wear and will look great for an evening out.

This colour will match a lot of my dresses and jumpers which I have as I'm a big fan of Burgundy in the A/W, but never thought of applying it to my nails as well to match.

I only applied one coat of nail polish and I feel like that was enough to give me a bold colour.

What's your favourite A/W nail polish shade?


  1. this looks like such a gorgeous shade! definitely perfect for autumn!

    Laura xox

    1. I know right? Can really see myself wearing it a lot this Autumn. x

  2. This is a really lovely shade, perfect for Autumn x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Love those rings! Very cute!!