Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review: Victoria Secret's Fragrance Mists

Coconut Passion - vanilla & coconut // Love Spell - cherry blossom & peach

While I was in duty free in September I got a gift set of Victoria Secret's fragrance mists. Now I've always wanted to try some Victoria Secret's products so when I saw a set of 5 I had to get them! I haven't really tried them all yet but Coconut Passion and Love Spell are the ones that I have used the most.

These are cute little 60ml spray bottles which I think are handy for your handbag and to take out on the go. You only need to use a little bit as it is quite a strong smell. I love the Coconut Passion fragrance mist which is weird as I'm normally not a big fan of coconut but together with the hint of vanilla it really goes well together. Love Spell has some of my favourite smells in, I absolutely love the smell of peach and with the added cherry it smell divine! I normally spray these on after I've had a shower and use it as a perfume spray for the day. They both smell very refreshing and Love Spell smells very fruity.

I will be repurchasing these two in bigger bottles when they run out and I'm definitely thinking about getting more products from the Victoria Secrets range.

What Victoria Secrets products have you tried?

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