Sunday, 19 May 2013

Album Review: Paramore - Paramore


I've loved Paramore for many years now, they have been through many changes in the last couple of years due to two main band members leaving (Josh and Zac Farro). However they have pulled together and carried on creating great music!

This year they released their first album without the brothers which is self-titled, and it shows in the album that their music has changed. Before hand it used to be more rocky whereas now they has more upbeat songs such as "Still into you" and "Ain't it Fun".

When I first listen to the album I wasn't too sure if I liked this new side, as I do miss the "rocky" side of Paramore. However after listening to their albums a couple of times I began to love the new side of them, which is more quirky and fun.

Some of my favourite songs are, Still into you, Ain't it fun and Part II which is a sequel of Let the flames begin which they record on their Riot! album. This shows although they have changed their route they still have it in them to produce a song with a bit of rock.

The only bit of the album I don't like is the interlude which I feel are a bit random and could really do without, as they are short and I don't find relevant.

I would recommend having a listen, although some Paramore fan may not like the change, I love it!
I'm so glad that they have carried on with Paramore as I've loved them since their early years. I definitely look forward to hearing what is to come from them.

Here is one of their songs to have a listen to.

What do you guys think? 

- Lauren

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