Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Goals for 2013

I know this is probably a bit late as these posts are normally done at the start of the year.
However I haven't really thought about it until now and thought I'd write a personal post about my goals.

  • To get fit for my holiday - I'm going on my first holiday abroad in September, and as it will be hot most of the time I will have my legs out and also be in my bikini. Which I'm not really used to here with the shitty weather we have. I want to focus on my legs and stomach the most. So if anyone has an tips and trick that would be great!
  • Take on driving lesson again - I did start learning to drive last year and got pretty far but due to personal reasons and stupid DVLA I stopped and never started again. It would be great to do lessons and pass my test as it means so much freedom, which is what I really need at the moment.
  • Enjoy life and don't let men get me down - After a bad break up last year I have a lot of hate for men and trust issues. I need to learn to not let men get to me and just enjoy my life with my friends and family.
  • Go to more concerts - Music makes me happy and I'd love to see more of my favourite bands live. I know this is an on-going goal rather than just an 2013 goal.
  • Grow my nails - I've seen so many great nail art posts from bloggers, which has inspired me to try out some myself. Before I do that I really need to grow my nails.
These are just some of my goals I can think of right now but I'm sure during the year I will think of more to add to this list.

What are your goals for this year?

- Lauren x

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  1. I think my two goals are to lose weight for vacation, as well as getting my G2 driver's license. I failed the test the first time so... need to go do that again quick! Urrrgg!

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