Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Poundland Haul

I'm starting to go in Poundland frequently now as they have so many beauty bargains. So I've decided that I'm going to do a Poundland haul every month. Depending on whether or not I find any beauty bargains. However I think it will be pretty easy to do a post every month as they never fail to amazing me with the products they sell.

Moving on to what I recently bought from Poundland, which is these gorgeous three nail polishes. I've heard so many people say OPI nail polishes have been in their local Poundland and I was itching to see if my local Poundland had them. Which they did! I decided to buy two different OPI crackle nail polishes one in gold and the other a purple shimmery colour. They retail at £11 and I thought for a pound you really can't go wrong.

I then found in another area of my local Poundland that they had Sinful Colors nail polish, which Boots have been recently stocking in their stores. They didn't have many colours but I saw this White nail polish called snow me white, (how cute is the name) and I thought it was something different.

I'm definitely impressed with this months Poundland haul, I think it's one of my bests bargain hauls. I look forward to seeing what other great products they have in the future!

I will be doing some NOTD posts soon to show off my new nail polishes so keep your eyes peeled!

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